Webflow Tutorials

Do more with Webflow using these free, cloneable tutorial sites
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Dynamic Filters

Explore different ways you can add Jetboost's Dynamic Filters to your site!

This demo showcases several types of filters you can create, such as checkboxes, buttons, dropdowns, and more. It also demonstrates how easily you can filter on multi-reference fields or combine multiple filters into one.

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CMS On-Page Search

Examples of real-time, on-page search, powered by Jetboost. Features scenarios such as pagination and multiple search filters.

All set up without having to configure any custom code.

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Custom Tab Buttons

See how you can use regular Buttons as Tab Buttons, which allows you to have Tabs located anywhere on the page, not just directly above or below the Tab Panes.

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Allow Multiple Form Submissions

Normally your form is hidden after it is successfully submitted. This tutorial shows how you can use some custom code to reset the form and keep it visible after every submission.

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Social Share Buttons on CMS Template Page

A short tutorial showing you how to add social share buttons to your individual blog pages, or any CMS Template page, using a free service, Social 9.