Example Use Cases

  • Job Boards

    Building a job board in Webflow? Now you can have your job listings automatically drop off after 30/45/60 days or any other number.

  • Events

    Don't want old events sitting around on your website? Make your events archive themselves a day or week after the event occurs.

  • Promotions

    Does your site feature promotions or other content that expires at a certain time? Automatically archive those items when they are supposed to expire, instead of having to remember to manually expire them!


The simplest Jetboost add-on yet!
One Minute Setup
We have made it as easy as possible to automatically archive your Webflow CMS items.

It takes less than a minute to set up, see How It Works below!
Undo Archives
Make a mistake and accidentally archive the wrong items?

No problem! You can undo the last archive with just the click of a button.
Errors Handled for You
Jetboost knows how to overcome common Webflow errors. That means no "broken" messages for you to deal with.

And if an archive does fail for any reason, Jetboost will automatically retry it until it succeeds.

How It Works

A setup experience tailor-made for Webflow, no coding or other integrations required.
1. Select auto-archive settings

Choose your CMS Collection and the Date field you want the auto-archive to depend on. This could be the Created On Date, an Expiration Date, or any other Date.

Then select how many days after you want to wait before the item is archived. You could choose 30 days after the Created Date, immediately after an Expiration Date, or whatever you decide!

2. That's it!

After you select those 3 settings, you're all done! It's that easy with Jetboost. 🎉

Frequently Asked Questions

How many of my sites can I add CMS Auto-Archiving to?

All of your sites under the same Webflow account!

How many items per month can I automatically archive?

As many as you need, there's no limit.

Can I see how it works before purchasing?

You'll be able to select your auto-archive settings and test how many items it will archive. However, a subscription is required for Jetboost to actually archive items.

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