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See all 3 styles of pagination that you can use on
your website with our Advanced Pagination product.


Better UX for your dynamic collection lists
Paginate Search and Filter Results
Combine Advanced Pagination with both our Real-Time List Search and Dynamic Filters, and they'll automatically work together, no extra work required by you!
No Page Refreshes
Jetboost seamlessly loads in new items as you navigate between pages, without reloading your entire site, resulting in better experience for your customers.
Limitless Design
Pagination buttons at the top of your list, off to the side, or somewhere else on the page? 

No problem! You're free to design the pagination controls however you'd like inside of Webflow.

Power Ups

Enhance your Advanced Pagination core functionality with additional modular features to provide a more rich and custom experience for your users.

All Pagination Power Ups:
Display Current Page Number

Bind a generated class to a text element to display the current page number for your list.

Display Total Pages

Bind a generated class to a text element to display the total pages for your list.

Display Number of Visible Items

Bind a generated class to a text element to display the current total number of visible items.

Display Total Results

Bind a generated class to a text element to display the total number of results after any queries.

Fix Interactions in Items

A toggle you can use to correct Webflow interactions not functioning as expected.

What Our Customers Think

“Thank you so much for the powerful tool! I've tried many other tutorials (free/paid), but yours is the only one working and so easy to set up!”
“I just wanted to let you know that you have the absolute BEST onboarding experience I've ever seen. This is incredibly easy, especially with the quick, in-line videos and the ability to copy things right below the video.”

How It Works

A setup experience created exclusively for Webflow, no coding required.
1. Select pagination settings

Pick your pagination style and the number of items per page. It's that easy!

2. Design your pagination controls in Webflow

Any design that you create in Webflow can be used with Jetboost!

3. Add Jetboost script and classes

Follow the guided process for installing the Jetboost script and adding a few classes into your Webflow project. Each step of the way is automatically validated to ensure that it's correct. Best of all, there's no code for you to edit!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many of my sites can I add Advanced Pagination to?

All of your sites under the same Webflow account!

How many collection lists can I add Advanced Pagination to?

You're free to add Advanced Pagination to as many of your collection lists as you'd like.

How many collection items can my list have?

Up to Webflow's CMS limit.

Can I see how it works before purchasing?

Yep! All Jetboost products are free to set up and use on the version of your site. You only need to purchase a subscription when you're ready to use Jetboost on a custom domain.

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