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Build maps for any location-based Webflow Collection, such as real estate listings, your company's offices, store locations, travel guides, and more.


Create a fully interactive map, designed exactly to your liking.
Design your Perfect Theme
Choose from beautiful pre-built Mapbox themes like Streets, Outdoors, Dark, and more. Or design a custom theme that perfectly matches your brand.
Location Radius Search
Let your users enter an address and find all relevant locations within a specified distance. Combine with dynamic filters to filter markers even further!
Customizable Markers
Use any image for the marker or add different marker images for specific item categories. Modify each marker based on user actions like hover and click.
Design in Webflow
Other tools force you to use their map editor with its limited design capabilities. With Jetboost you get to use the best editor (Webflow!) to design every piece of your map.
Built with your CMS
Tired of having to import your CMS data into a third-party mapping tool every time you make a tiny edit? Jetboost has direct access to your CMS, simply publish your changes!
Handles Large Collections
Needs to display thousands of CMS items on a map? No problem! We've pored over all of the Mapbox optimization guides so that you don't have to!

Power Ups

Enhance your CMS Maps core functionality with additional modular features to provide a more rich and custom experience for your users.

All CMS Map Power Ups:
Add Map Controls

Simply toggle on UI controls for your map like zoom, fullscreen, geolocate, and more!

Display a Popup

Show a popup when a user hovers or clicks on a map marker. Fully design the popup in Webflow and include any info from your CMS Item.

Use Alternative Markers

Easily distinguish various types of locations by using different markers for each. (e.g. cafes, hotels, shops, etc.)

Highlight Marker

Change the map marker when the user hovers or clicks the marker or it's corresponding list item.

Highlight CMS Item

Change the styles of a CMS item when the user hovers over it's corresponding marker on the map.

Center Marker

Center a list item's marker on the map when the user clicks the item.

Set Map Projection

Simply pick your preferred map projection from various flat options, as well as a 3D globe.

Lists with Pagination

Choose if the map should display all markers in your list, or only the markers from the list's current page.

What Our Customers Think

“It is AMAZING! Can’t understate how impressed I am with Jetboost. It has transformed our site which was previously quite hacked together in terms of map functionality.”
“Maps is a total game changer. I have been looking for a great map solution for way longer than I care to admit and this is it! Our original plan was to just use an image here, a real map was out of scope - not any more!”

How It Works

A setup experience tailor-made for Webflow, no coding required.
1. Design in Webflow

Webflow is the best visual editor for building websites. We want you to design all the pieces of your map there, not in some 3rd party editor!

2. Connect your Mapbox account

Add your Mapbox API key, choose your map settings such as theme, marker image, etc., and just like that, you have a map!

3. Add Jetboost script and classes

Follow the step by step process for adding the Jetboost script and a few classes into your Webflow project. Each step of the way is automatically validated to ensure that it's correct. Best of all, there's no code for you to edit!

4. Power up your map!

Once you've got a basic map working, add additional features like a marker popup, zoom controls, and more, in just a couple of clicks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to get started with CMS Maps?

You'll need a Mapbox API key and a CMS collection with latitude and longitude data.

How many of my sites can I add CMS Maps to?

All of your sites under the same Webflow Workspace 🤙

Can my users search or filter the locations on the map?

Yes! You'll just need to add Jetboost's Real-Time Search and Dynamic Filters to the same Collection List that you use for your map. All of the Jetboost features work together, and none of them require any custom code!

Can I see how it works before purchasing?

Yep! All Jetboost products are free to set up and use on the version of your site. You only need to purchase a subscription when you're ready to use Jetboost on a custom domain.

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