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Use Jetboost to add dynamic sorting to job boards, real estate listings, resource directories, e-commerce stores, and more.
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Straightforward setup, yet extremely customizable.
Proper  Date Sorting
Javascript-only solutions treat dates like text, resulting in the wrong sort order. Jetboost uses the Webflow API to correctly sort all your items.

Other solutions: Apr 20th, Jan 1st, Jun 3rd
Using Jetboost: Jan 1st, Apr 20th, Jun 3rd
Variety of Sort Controls
You have full control over how the sort controls should look. Use select elements, buttons, link blocks, dropdowns, or any combination of these!
Paginated Lists
Sorting a list with over 100 CMS items?
Jetboost will sort up to 2000 items, not just the first 100.
Sort Multiple Fields with Ease
If you want to sort a collection by multiple fields, simply create multiple Jetboost Dynamic Sorting Boosters and they will automatically work together.
Save Current Sort State
With a simple, one-click setting, the selected sort is automatically saved to the URL, creating pre-sorted, shareable URLs.
Combine Products
All Jetboost products can be easily used together, so you can combine dynamic sorting with filters, search, and pagination to create impressive content directories.

Power Ups

Enhance your Dynamic Sorting core functionality with additional modular features to provide a more rich and custom experience for your users.

All Sorting Ups:
Reset  Button

Add a generated reset class to any button or link that will reset the collection sort order and sort selection to default.

Fix Interactions in Items

In some cases you may find item interactions not functioning correctly past the 100 item Webflow limit. This toggle corrects that.

What Our Customers Think

“If you're building anything on Webflow, I recommend checking out Jetboost. Such a powerful tool that is far easier to implement than the alternatives.”
“Using @Jetboostio sort functionality for my new project @geeks_project and it is so easy to use. Honestly, Jetboost have nailed the ux again. So good”

How It Works

A setup experience tailor-made for Webflow, no coding required.
1. Design in Webflow

Webflow is the best visual editor for building websites. So we want you to design all of your sorting toggles and list items there! Jetboost never affects the design of your site.

2. Select sorting settings

Jetboost automatically connects to your project's CMS so you can easily select the Collection you want to sort and which Field to sort by.

3. Add Jetboost script and classes

Follow the step by step process for installing the Jetboost script and adding a few classes into your Webflow project. Each step of the way is automatically validated to ensure that it's correct. Best of all, there's no code for you to edit!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many of my sites can I add Dynamic Sorting to?

All of your sites under the same Webflow account!

How many different sorting options can I add to my site?

You're free to create as many different sorting options on your site as you need.

How many of my collection items can Jetboost sort?

We allow sorting up to 2000 collection items. Due to performance limitations, we cannot increase that limit as this time.

Can I see how it works before purchasing?

Yep! All Jetboost products are free to set up and use on the version of your site. You only need to purchase a subscription when you're ready to use Jetboost on a custom domain.

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