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Use Jetboost to create search for blog posts, job boards, real estate listings, resource directories, e-commerce stores, and more.
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Customize the search to work exactly how you want.
Paginated Lists
Searching a list with over 100 items?
Unlike other solutions, Jetboost will find all of the results, not just the first 100.
Advanced Search
A single search can pull results from multiple distinct fields like title, location, and category, even if the text is spread across these fields.
No Hidden Content Needed
With Jetboost, simply choose which CMS fields are searchable, regardless of whether they are included on your page or not.
Search Multiple Collections
Using a single search box, instantly filter multiple collection lists as you type.
Save Search Queries
With a simple toggle, save search queries to the URL, creating dynamic, pre-filtered, shareable URLs.
Combine Products
All Jetboost products automatically work together, so you can combine search with the Dynamic List Filters to create impressive content directories.

What Our Customers Think

“Used @Webflow and @Jetboostio to build out our website with a searchable directory of Educators. I’m living in the future. #NoCodeNonProfit #NoCode
“Thank you so much for the powerful tool! I've tried many other tutorials (free/paid), but yours is the only one working and so easy to set up!”

How It Works

A setup experience tailor-made for Webflow, no coding required.
1. Design in Webflow

Webflow is the best visual editor for building websites. So we want you to do all of your design there! Jetboost never affects the design of your site.

2. Select search settings

Jetboost automatically connects to your project's CMS so you can easily select which Collection and Fields you'd like to make searchable.

3. Add Jetboost script and classes

Follow the step by step process for installing the Jetboost script and adding a few classes into your Webflow project. Each step of the way is automatically validated to ensure that it's correct. Best of all, there's no code for you to edit!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many of my sites can I add Real-Time, On-Page Search to?

All of your sites under the same Webflow account!

How many search components can I create on my site?

You're free to create as many different search components on your site as you need.

How many of my collection items can Jetboost search?

All of them! Jetboost uses the Webflow API so it's not limited to searching just 100 collection items.

Can I see how it works before purchasing?

Yep! All Jetboost products are free to set up and use on the version of your site. You only need to purchase a subscription when you're ready to use Jetboost on a custom domain.

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