v1.0.0 - The Alerts Update

Chris Spags
We discovered an issue with v1.0.0 not working and have submitted an update to fix this. It will be deployed as soon as approved by the Chrome Store. Sorry about that!

Update: The fix is live!
If Modkit is not working for you yet, you'll have to either wait to receive the update, or uninstall Modkit and reinstall it.
Store page to uninstall/reinstall

After far too long, we are finally back with some new updates to Modkit!!

New Features

  • Alert: Multiple Affected Elements
  • Alert: Non-Desktop Breakpoint
  • HTML Embed Fullscreen Code Editor
  • OAuth Search Sites List

Alert: Multiple Affected Elements

In Webflow, it's easy to mistakenly change the styles of a class that affects not just the element you're focused on, but also other elements that may even be on other pages.

The amount of times I've accidentally changed styling and had to go back and fix it...is a number I'm too scared to admit.

We decided to try to solve this by alerting you whenever you first make style changes to a class, if that class is used by multiple elements. Hopefully this prevents countless accidental bugs from being created on your sites!

Alert: Non-Desktop Breakpoint

Another easy mistake to make is not realizing you're editing the styles on a breakpoint that isn't Desktop, particularly the larger breakpoints. This can cause you to go back and have to undo a bunch of work that you just did. Nobody likes that!

Now, you'll get an alert whenever you first start changing styles on a breakpoint other than Desktop. You'll also periodically receive a reminder alert if you've been on the same non-Desktop breakpoint for a while, just in case you've forgotten. 😄

HTML Embed Fullscreen Code Editor

Finally! Ever since we added the maximize button for the Page Settings code editor, we've been trying to also add it to the HTML Embed code editor.

It was tricky, but at long last, we managed to get it working.

OAuth Search Sites List

If you have a lot of Webflow projects and frequently use 3rd party integrations like Jetboost, then you'll understand how painful it can be to try to grant access to just one or two of your Webflow projects.

You're presented with a long list of all of your projects, in no obvious order, and have to manually hunt through to find the project(s) you're looking for.

Well, in typical Jetboost fashion, we've added a search box to that page! Now, you can quickly and easily find the correct project when connecting a 3rd party integration.

That's all for now! Thanks for reading :)

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