v0.2.0 - Initial Release

Chris Spags
We discovered an issue with v1.0.0 not working and have submitted an update to fix this. It will be deployed as soon as approved by the Chrome Store. Sorry about that!

Update: The fix is live!
If Modkit is not working for you yet, you'll have to either wait to receive the update, or uninstall Modkit and reinstall it.
Store page to uninstall/reinstall

New Features

  • Top Breadcrumb Bar
  • Code Editor Fullscreen Mode

Top Breadcrumb Bar

Modkit began with a simple Tweet...

Followed up by a very scientific poll where 54% of people voted that they too wished the breadcrumb bar in Webflow was at the top instead of the bottom. That was enough for me to go and try to make it happen!

Now, you have the option to move the breadcrumb bar to the top of the Designer. And if you're repulsed by the thought of this, don't worry, you can simply turn it off. 😄

Breadcrumb bar looking absolutely stunning up at the top

Code Editor Fullscreen Mode

Best part about Webflow? Not having to write any code!!

However, every once in a while, you may need to add some custom code to your pages. If you find yourself in the unlucky position of adding A LOT of custom code, well then you just might want to be able to maximize Webflow's code editor.

We've added a toggle button into the page settings that does just that!

Maximize buttons ready to expand the code editor
Fullscreen code mode
Whoa! That's a lot of code! Too much some would say.
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