Jetboost Affiliate Toolkit

Getting Started

We wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to generate passive revenue as a Jetboost affiliate. This simple guide has everything you need to get started and start earning!

Referral Dashboard

Your referral dashboard is where you’ll be able to customize and copy your referral link, view the number of Visitors & Leads, and track your Conversions.

To access your referral link and dashboard, visit or simply login to your Jetboost account and click the “Affiliates” button in the dropdown menu.


Sharing Referrals

Here are some ways to make the most of your referral links

Now, let’s talk about blog content that converts

Include keywords in your title and copy to rank higher in searches:

  • Titles performing well include Jetboost and keywords like: Webflow, CMS, filters, search, faceted navigation, and competitors’ names
  • Competitor’s Name vs. Jetboost: Why I Use Jetboost For [Dynamic Filtering, Search, etc]
  • Jetboost: the Best Webflow CMS Tool for Freelancers Building Complex Sites

Leveraging Facebook Groups

Curious about a quick way to earn affiliate income and share about Jetboost with people actively creating filters, sorting, favoriting and more for their end-users? We’ve got you covered.

Jetboost Toolkit

Not sure what to post? We’ve got you covered. Simply copy, paste, + tweak the messaging below to tell your audience what you’re loving about Jetboost.

Why Jetboost?

What makes us different and why do our members love us? 

Swipe Copy

Feel free to use any of these copy snippets for social media and tweak them as you need.

Media Toolkit

We’ve created a collection of stunning promotional images in various formats that you’re welcome to use on blog posts, social media, emails, and any other digital or print content you’d like to create.

Media Toolkit

The media kit includes logo assets, social media templates & a few more things to get you started.

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